Image of myself

I am Kacha Mukabe. I live in Lusaka, Zambia, where I work on tools and automations.

I am a python developer with ambitions of being the *best backend developer in the country. A lofty goal yes but its more of a forcing function to keep learning and to keep improving.

I love taking part in hackathons, doing a little bit of game development and in developing scripts and tools. I have experience in quite a few languages and technologies including C#, Javascript, Django, DotNet, Postgres just to mention a few.


  • Access Bank

    Applications Developer

    As an Applications Developer Team Lead, I manage a team to deliver banking applications and features using diverse technologies, achieve faster project completion with Agile, streamline deployments, and facilitate cross-functional collaboration for business-to-technical translations.

  • Thebe Investment Management

    Fullstack Developer

    As a Full Stack Developer, I led the creation of an engaging online education platform for 500+ users, managed successful CI/CD deployments on AWS with high uptime, and ensured timely project completion through effective scheduling and milestone management.

  • Access Bank

    Software Developer

    At Access Bank Zambia, as a Software Developer, I enhanced Visa Card Management on .NET, drastically cutting issuance time, collaborated with vendors for system integrations improving customer services, and automated processes to significantly boost efficiency.